OW: New F0911 index?


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Has anyone had experience creating a new index for the 911 file in OneWorld?
Then promoting to PROD and deploying to users? We've successfully built the
index in CRP but are concerned about moving the object to PROD, rebuilding
in PROD and then pushing to the users. Can we do this while users are using
the system?

Any constructive advice and/or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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as long as you are generating a new index (and not the table!) you should not have any problems and it can be done while users are active.

NT 4.0 SP5, SQL 7.0, One World B7321 SP12.4, Citrix
Generally we'd agree that it would be that simple but our 911 has over 12
million records and when we attempted to build the index it locked up the
workstation for 20 minutes. So we killed the process.

When we built the index in CRP, we killed the process also but it at least
had created the logical file. Then we were able to build a server package
and have the new index useable. Can we just do an OT to PROD and build it
on the server. Here's where we are concerned about users active in the 911.

Should we create the logical first on the AS/400 side?

Any more ideas? Thanks for the advice so far. We're getting closer...

Re: RE: OW: New F0911 index?

no matter what else happens you will have to bite the bullet at some point. although i worked with as400's for about 15 years i don't think i would build the logical first on your as400. remember, when you come right down to it, you ARE creating the logical on the as400 when you generate the index. from my experience i think if i had 12 million records in any file on any as400 i would probably be building an index (logical) on a saturday morning.

one world loves for you to follow the process in it's proper sequence.

take care,

ps: if you build the logical first let us all know how that works out for you !

NT 4.0 SP5, SQL 7.0, One World B7321 SP12.4, Citrix