OW - Mandatory ESUs



We are currently testing in CRP the install of ESU's 4605031 & 4605023 (and
3600491/JD4243) for Distribution. We are finding quite a few issues. One
issue with not being able to enter PO Receipts that is supposed to be
resolved by installing JD4243 is still not working for us. I just wanted to
post to the list the fact that the documentation for ESU 4605023 has been
changed since it was released.

We downloaded it on Nov 27th, so the documentation has changed sometime
after that point. There was no breaking news about this and it has caused
us not to be able to rollout the ESU as planned since we did not have enough
time to rebuild the CRP package and retest before the weekend. Anyone who
downloaded the ESUs early will want to note the following additions which
should have been posted as a breaking news but JDE could not tell us why it
was not. (and still hasn't been):
"· If you are using PO Receipts we recommend that you also download and
install the ESU for SAR 3600491. This ESU contains only one object, a
business function (B4301080) that was not rolled up into the Prerequisite.
It fixes a processing option version error that you may receive when using
PO Receipts. SAR 3600491 must be built and deployed in the SAME package as
the pre-requisite ESU 4605023. After both ESUs have been applied build a
full package to deploy the new changes.
· If you are using Inventory Management, you must also install the
prerequisite ESU 4605031, which uses the business function XT4111Z1
(Inventory Transactions)."

If you follow the link on the support page "Update on Prerequisite ESUs" -
the change does not show there either. And even more important the
documentation for SAR3600491 does not have this note on it.

We are still working on it but when you rebuild the full package you must
select to delete directories. We still have not gotten an answer back from
JDE on why this is necessary. We are waiting for the package to complete
building (again) at this time and will post to the list if the rebuild does
clear this error. Our full package builds are taking 27 hours - we are
trying to work on that issue as well.

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the ESUs? We have a few issues also
with the Standard Receipts entry.

Karen Riner
OneWorld System Administrator
AWANA Clubs International
Yes, we are also having problems with PO receipts.

Dave Mallory Denver Water