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We are an AS400 World 7.3 shop and have no current HR data in JDE.

We would like to bring up the OneWorld HR Module for two users in our

We are thinking of hiring a consultant to get this one module up and running
- No mods, no data - Just a base install so the two users can start inputing
data and get a feel for OW.

Can anyone give me an idea of the size of this task ? Is the HTML client
the easiest / cheapest way to go ?

Thank you,

Brian Whitney
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HTML /JAS is actually the most expensive and complicated way to go. For only 2 users to get a feel for the system why not get 2 copies of the PC stand-alone "demo" systems? They won't be able to share data but the cost should be free and you can install it yourself.

My 2 cents.

Larry Jones
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There are a number of documents on the knowledge garden that will explain
the process you would need to go through. Click on
Product/OneWorld/Migration to OneWorld. You cannot just activate one module
from World to OneWorld without installing OneWorld.

Sean Amm
Amm Consulting
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