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OW Developer and Win/NT Administrative Right


Hi List,

We created a custom table & busines view and built an appl with them. Then
we deleted a field in the table and added in a new field. We followed JDE
recomendation: reattach BW to the appl, regenerate table, indexes and BW,
delete 6 spec file ddtext, dddict, ddgltbl etc...

Here is what we find out: if we start a fat client (win/NT) and logon win/NT
with an user who has the administrative right and try to do table I/O in OW
we will get an error msg "Column does not exist" the jdedebug.log showing it
look for the old field that we have deleted. If we started win/nt and logon
with an user which does not have admin. right then the table I/O in OW works
fine. For our users which using the WTS they'll get this error doesn't
matter if they have admin right or not (most of them don't). We're trying to
find a workarround solution for WTS's users until JDE response has the
answer for us. We did try to start the WTS without logon to WTS itself but
the WTS's users still have the same problem.

Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated.

B7332, AS400 v4r4, SP11.3




Is "Extended dynamic support" switched on in your Client Access ODBC datasources?
If so, try removing the *SQLPKGs from the AS/400 - on some occasions I've seen the sql package not picking up the changes in layout after regenerating the file from within OW.



Thanks for all the response. Deleting the OEXPLORFJA *SQLPKG in data library
fixed the problem.

Thanks again.