OW client on Citrix


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Hi All,

We're in development stage of our OW Implementation. Once we go live, we will be using Citrix Servers with load balancing installed to run the client. I've come across a few problems with this - one of the main issues is that settings are not being retained by the Citrix (OneWorld?) session upon exiting. For example, I sign onto OneWorld; ask the system not to show tips again; select the exit bar in preferences and create a new tab within an application. Once I've come out of the OW session and signed back on again, the tips box appears again, the exit bar has gone and my application has no new tab on it!

Anyone come across any similar issues?


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use the search function on this forum and search for citrix settings (search option should be "and"). sebastian sajaroff gave a good description on how to save user settings in a citrix environment.

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