OW Cache on Fat Client


Does anyone know where I can find the OW cache on a fat client NT
workstation. I am wondering where it is stored, as in the path/directory.

Thanks in advance.

Marcus Jarrett
Systems & Technology
PCL Constructors Inc.
[email protected]
Hello Marcus,

If you look in the Pathcode on the client then in the 'spec' directory there
are files called :

dddict.ddb (Data Dictionary)
ddtext.ddb (Data Dictionary Text)
glbltbl.ddb (Global Tables)

You can delete these...the only draw back is that you will get all the
JITI's again but then all the files will be refreshed from the Deployment
Server and thus, clean new files...

I think it is a good idea to do this as system maintenance once in a
while... funny little "things" disappear once this has been done..

Hope this helps...

Best Regards

Allen Hobson
JDE CNC Consultant
Deloitte & Touche Active Era
South Africa
+27 82 413 4124