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OW Books....

Ricardo Paz

Reputable Poster
Hi again list ....

Recently I heard about some OW technical books that were about to be
realesed by McGraw Hill....

Any body knows something about it....


Lic. Ricardo Paz Castanon
Jefe Sistemas COHESA


There is a new reference ... OneWorld - the complete reference .. ISBN
0-07-212510-1 .. that is due out after 12/15/2000 .. per Barnes and Noble ..

Gene Hockemeyer
Sunbeam Corporation
Manager EDI and EC Business Development
561 912-4877


Active Member
Eric, I will take this one for you....

You can find out information on this by going to www.jdelist.com. There is a special deal for all JDELIST users.

Hope this helps.

Chad Anderson
Generac Portable Products L.L.C.
B733.1 AS400 Ent NT SQL Deploy


JDEList will also be offering the JDE Complete Reference book for $50 plus
s/h and tax when it comes out in January.

Thanks Chad

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