OW Address Book Security


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We are currently setting up address book security in OneWorld B73.3.2
SP13.1/Oracle 8.1.6/Intel NT/Windows NT 4.0.

Specifically, we would like someone like a Finance Manager to be able to
Add, Change, Delete and View all records and all columns in the F0101 for
search type O (Company). However, we only want this same group to be able to
View all columns in the F0101 for any records with a search type of C
(Customers) or V (Vendors). Furthermore for this same group we would like
them to see only 2 columns (Address Number and Name) for search Type E

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?



Colin Dawes, MSc
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You can use row security and action security to handle your requirements for
search type "O" and "C". For search type "E", I think (not sure; need a
Security Workbench guru) you can use row security (to specify "E") and
column security and action security to permit view for only the 2 columns
you specify.

Dave Mallory Denver Water


1. To create 3 forms of P0101
1 for search type O
1 for search type C & V
1 for search type E

Go to Object Librarian
Type = APPL & application = P0101
Copy the existing form to design your own form
Right Click on the edit control of the Search Type
Click the Filter button in the properties
Choose Filter Criteria "="

2. Create 3 options in different menu
(1 option for each form)

3. To set up column security
Goto Security Maintenance menu (GH9052)
Choose Security Workbench (P00950).
From the Work with User/Group Security menu, choose Set Up Security, then Column.
From the Column Security Revisions menu, complete the following field for User/Group
Add new security for Application = P0101 and 3 Form Name with the Action code Security.