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OW - A/R



I had sent this post a couple of days back. Since I didnt see this 'logged'
on the network,I am sending this again. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I am looking for some information on A/R in OW..espcially from the point of
view of functionality that exists in World. I know we are not supposed to
compare !!..but,it is so much more easier to understand by keeping a known
source as a reference point !!

1. What is the advantage of Customer Master by Line of Business ? Is it just
a 'copy' of a customer master per 'company' of JDE ? What is the role of
company 00000 in this case ? Is it possible to revert to 'one' customer
master after initially defining & working with the LOB definition ?

2. In the case of customer master by LOB,how does credit check take place in
Sales Order Processing ? Sales orders are entered by branch/plant..does this
mean that credit exposure at SOP entry time is checked with the credit limit
amount mentioned in the customer master for the company to with the Order
B/P is connected ? If so,is it the B/P from the SO header or SO detail ?

3. How is 'spread' to be performed in receipting in A/R ? There seems to be
no specific 'type input' code for this ? For pure OW folks,a 'spread' is
adjusting open invoices in F03B11 with open credit notes in F03B11.

4. How should 'adjustments' be performed ie. type input of 'A' in World ?
This is to perform actions like writing off to bad debts an existing open
invoice. I dont see any input code available for this in OW. The 'charging'
could be done to more than 1 account..so there should be some method of
using a reason code & linking it to the 'RA' AAIs ?