Override Output file name in JDE



I am working on JDE tools release

I need save the Embedded BI publisher generated output to a location.I though of using the latest feature "Override Output file name" that came through Oracle release Tools 9.1 Update 4.

But i am not able to see this option, when i followed the below steps.
1.Type P95620 in fastpath
2. Select a RD
3. Form--> Burst/Delivery

Here it should show the option Oracle released Tools 9.1 Update 4

Pls let me know if anyone knows about it

Also i have one more question is JD Edwards 9.1 Update 4 =Tools release

is there any difference b/w 9.1 update 4 vs Tools release

We just went live with and that functionality is available. Have you applied ESU JM15623? That ESU holds the new BIP pieces.

You are on the correct Tools Release level to take advantage is this new functionality. The minimum is You are on the 2nd 'bug' release and I'm on the 4th 'bug' release.