Override File Name in BI


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Hi Folks,

I've been experimenting with the rename of the email file attachment and I get it to work but I have a question on the sequence number in P95620 W95620O.
It's a clone of R42565.

It is renaming my attachment, but I can't seem to change the sequence it does it in

What does it do? Does it actually work?

I have a DD item with 3 elements in the substitution DSTR

szApptSubject (/Sold_To_Addr_Alpha_Name_ID48)
mnDocVoucherInvoiceE (/Invoice_Number_ID2)
szEmailAddressow (/Customer_Send_To_Email_rv_ID295)

File is now called Abbott Diabetes Care Inc Invoice No 16050029.PDF which is a lot better than what they had, which was just the RD name and job # etc

Has anyone tried this and got it to work as they expect? As I can't really understand to change things in the online docs.