B7.3 OV - RNV

Help please!!! How to set up the system so that the arrival of the OV not recorded on the RNV account. (parish is without non item)

help the please to understand how to exclude the coming of the OV from entering the RNV. I understand that there is an AI that, according to the GL offset , writes an amount to a certain account (specified in AAI). But I need to get past the RNV accounts.

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my version is JDE B7334


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I think P4312 is always hitting RNV account unless you switch off GL interface flag within your branch plant constant

Alias: GLPO
A code that indicates whether inventory transactions that are processed through this branch/plant create general ledger entries.

For sure this is going to "detach" every F4111 transaction (Cardex) from GL, thus you will get no JE entry at all for example for Inventory Issue / Adjustment / Transfer ... etc.

Can you please be more specific ? do you want a different account or no JE at all ?

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Carlo, thanks for the answer!

The fact is that I want to be able to make the arrival of goods so that they do not pass through the RNV account. (for orders that do not arrive at the warehouse. These are service orders. For example, an order for wall repairs, orders with not item).


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On finance perspective:
if you are receiving goods or services you are going to pay to your supplier, RNV account should be hitted.
If you are not going to enter a supplier's voucher you can simply drive your RNV DMAAI (4320) to a different account because you are for sure using a different order type.
I am grateful to you for your answers. I use OP, and it is worth the task to make a parish through OP services, but at the same time so that the parish does not pass through RNV