Outside Processing - PO generation


Dear List,
Does anyone have experience with or a work around to the Multiple Generation
of POs to the same vendor via Outside Operations from the Work Order.

We are implementing the use of this feature and discovered that a separate
PO is created for every *OP part number (outside operations part number)
even if all are for the same vendor. In our case we may have anywhere from
20 - 200 *OP part numbers on one work order to the same vendor for the same
'job'. The creation of 20 - 200 PO's to the same vendor is a problem.

I contacted JDE and they said a SAR is being considered and that they would
add our company name to the list of customers requesting but.....we all know
this will take awhile.

1) If you are in the same position as we are - ADD YOU NAME TO THE LIST.
2) Has anyone out there encountered this problem and now has a Work Around?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We will be implementing fully
by the end of the week with or with out a work around. We will just have to
manually consolidate PO's.