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I know this is possible but can't seem to get things right. We would like to be able to put a "copy" of the PDF that is already being generated and printed/emailed, into a folder on a server. In the Director project, I added a Send node and pointed to the folder, gave the file a name and it "works" except I can't get the MERGED pdf to go into the folder? Seems to be related to the Job Ticket side of things because I can either get it to drop a copy of the "raw" E1 PDF or it creates something that Adobe says it can't even read.

So how do I get the merged PDF to drop in there? I can't find anything in the documentation or online about it...
You have to put a Form Merge node before the Send node.
- The Form Merge node calls the form project.

This is called an Inline Merge.

It also requires a Publishing license

Yeah, I figured as much with the inline merge and I tried that as well but kept getting same types of errors. I have it setup that way now (inline merge, then Send node uses NONE for Job Ticket.

It drops a file but upon opening it, it says "could not open xxx.pdf because it is either not a supported fiel type or because file is damaged."

I really need yet another license for something! Grrrrrr! Never even heard of "Publisher" license. Thanks for the info Mark.

Cform Server 6.x will not output the file to a directory without a Publishing License or a temp license.

Heres the whole setup:
- Merge node has Choose JDE 3.x Project enabled
- Configuration is PDF
- The Send Node simply has the Folder name & document name, no JTT needed.

So, if Cform Server 6.x is outputting a file to a directory on your side (without a Publishing or Temp license), something is incorrect in the setup.

Are you trying to merge a form project with a JDE PDF or a spool file from World? Do you have Create!email?

JDE E1 PDF merge and yes, we do have CreateEmail.

And to possibly add some fuel to the fire, we are doing this with the purpose of interacting with TransformAP so that it can pick up the document. They are also talking about needing a CSV file as well? Don't know much about, or how to do that, just yet.
You can use the following line in your email JTT


This will output the merged PDF to a directory.

So you purchase TransformAP and can't write a merged PDF to the folder that it's monitoring? That doesn't sound right. Maybe BT neglected to give you the correct licensing.

You would need to make a Create!transform project to extract data from the JDE PDF and format/write it to a CSV file. In your Cdirctor project you'll link to that using a "Transform" node.

Did BT make you move up to Create!form v7 in order to implement TransformAP?

Mark - I will try the CreateEmail option you mentioned, may be a short term solution. Thanks for the info.

Karen - Yes, I thought the same thing. I got a quote for the PDF Publisher product and it's crazy. I sicked my boss on BT about it. This is a product that if you already own TransformAP AND CreateForm, they should give it to us. No, BT did not require to upgrade anything with CreateForm, we are running 6.x. If we can resolve the PDF issue, I'll be tackling how to do the CSV extract they also want. Hope I can find some good documentation on doing it!
Mark - we got a PDF Publisher License and I've put it in place. I revisited my director project and have it setup as you say up in your original reply post and although I no longer get any error message when I try and open the PDF (that has been dropped in the folder), I just get an EMPTY pdf? Nothing, just a blank page. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

If you open the PDF file in Wordpad, what are the first couple of lines?
Are your Director Project & Form project in the same directory
If you set the logging level in the Director printer to Support Level, do you see the form project being loaded?
Is there other functionality in the Director project besides the Publishing function?
(Test a director project with just a merge node & a send node (no splitting) to verify settings)
What version of Adobe are you using?

For the benefit of this forum:

Putting the Director Project & the Form project in the same directory resolves this problem (fully tested).

Email PDF Output to Distribution List

Hi Experts,

I'm a beginner for CreateForms, I got a question regarding createEmail? Is there a way to send a group email with attachment ? what are the settings required in JDE.INI and any other setup setps? Appreciate your help.
Re: Email PDF Output to Distribution List


Group emails are no problem with Cemail. What version of apps are you running (Cemail, CformServer, Cdirector)?

Generally you need just need to use a list of email address for the TO JTT parameter. Be sure to use a delimiter that is valid for your email server. Depending on the version you are running and how you are populating the TO parameter, you might need to include the DELIMITER statement in your JTT file.

No changes other than the metadata setting are needed in JDE.INI. The biggest question is how you are going to get the distribution list.

You can use the following line in your email JTT


This will output the merged PDF to a directory.


Hi Mark,

It works . Thanks for sharing .

But there is no extension for my pdfs. Do i need to make some changes for this.

We set up our extension in the document name from the properties of the node
our setup is concat(Sys.RandomString,".pdf")
I have this set up in our system where we do a merge and a send node. See attached for my two nodes. Hope this helps.


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