Outlook integration with Xe


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Does anyone know how integrated MS Outlook can be with Xe? Can it be launched via OneWorld's Address Book? Can the contact list be integrated with the Address Book?


Xe SP16.1, JAS, SQL7, Win2000


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To be able to send messages via outlook you must setup your system.
First set up the email addresses in the addressbook: see menu G02 Workflow management, program P012501. Search the addressnumber and use the row-exit ‘preference’. The field used is the field Remark in the first line of the Who’s Who table.
Then you must change some setting in the JDE.INI-file: see the [JDEMAIL] section.
Mailprofile=the profilename : e.g. “Outlook”
Rule3 is the default sender.
That’s it. This should work. Now you can use e.g. workflow messages to send custom email-messages.

To integrate your contact list of outlook with the Address Book in OneWorld .... just a thought: it must be possible to update the Address Book (or perhaps more exactly the Who's Who records) via custom made functioncalls (COM) to outlook. It is certainly not something standard out of the box.


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