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Outbound Item for Repair, Inbound with Repair Cost and AP


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There must be some canned way to do this, but I haven't hit on it yet. We have items in our inventory that need repair. We would like to send the item to an outside party for repair, then receive the same item back into inventory.
The item must return as the same serialized part.
Any cost the item had going out the door must be retained and any additional cost associated with the item must be added into the item's cost.
The receipt of the item must generate the AP side of the transaction.
We want system visibility on the item (ie: Part in transit, part received by repair vendor, part back into inventory).
These parts will be sent from Branch Plant A, but received into Branch Plant B.

Is there a way to use the ST/OT and take care of the Cost / AP transactions within JDE?



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