Outbound 850 - using 997 to confirm PO was received - How do you ensure PO was sent

Mike J

We are starting set up our outbound 850 to our suppliers. What is the easiest way for our buyers to 1: know that the system generated an EDI transaction and sent it; 2: How to verify that the supplier received the EDI process?

Do people do this using order activity rules? Example using 381 to indicate EDI sent and then 382 to indicate that supplier sent 997, and a different status code when 855 acknowledgement is sent back?

Our buyers are traditional used to printing(or PDF) a purchase order and then mailing/emailing/phoning the supplier with the PO number.


Hi Mike,

In the EDI Table EDSP Flag is there, Once your transaction is successful it will mark as Y (Transaction is done). The Document No and type will generated and Related order number and type will generated for the buyer in the EDI file to ensure the records is generated successfully.