OSA in E1

We use OSA interface in conjunction with the Bottomline Transform product. Works great for us.
Great to hear that Larry, thanks!

Would you mind me asking how you got the OSA library and its functions installed?
I presume Bottomline sent you them and you got them installed by CNC?

Have you had top edit the scripts at all?
Yes, Bottomline provided the OSA library. We did not have to do any script editing. Just had to setup the OSA interface on the JDE side and config an ini file on the Transform side.
Good news!

Forgive my questions, but how do you go about getting them installed? Where in JDE do you do it?
As it's not what I want :)

I want to email ANY PDF out of the system and OSAs can do this if you create and attach the correct script.

I understand the principle fine, just don't know how to install the parts into E1

Using BI would mean I'd need to create templates and report DEFNs. I don't want to do this and OSAs seem much slicker for a simple raw out of the box PDF
We have the Bottomline provided service program FSOSA installed in the E910SYS library.
Then, we use P986168 to define the FSOSA functions to an OSA interface definition in E1 and link it to specific E1 UBEs and versions.
Just curious - you are going to recreate the raw PDF from OSA and then email it?
Interesting approach. I am not sure if the PDF/CSV is fully written and open for access when the last function (Finalize Document) is called by E1. We ran into some lock issues when we created an OSA, but this was a long time ago.
As this is meant to be a user setup exercise only

No developer intervention required going forward

So if someone wants an email sending PDF and they are happy with the base E1 PDF, then just configure an OSA for it :)
You are right. Couple of months ago I was lookin at the OSA for the same solution. And I have to give up as configuring OSA sounds difficult than using the email merge function.

Would be great if there is a solution already.

Kind regards,
The PDF/CSV is definitely fully written and open for access when the last function (Finalize Document) is called by E1.