Order to repeat "For each" section

Dana BY

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My report print invoices twice, on English and on Russian language: English Section1, English Section2, Russian Section1, Russian Section2.

I am creating BI template for this report. I inserted Repeating Group For Each Section1, and For Each Section 2

It repeats like English Section1, Russian Section1, English Section2, Russian Section2.

How can I change it to proper order?



Printing order in BIP depends on the order of the repeating group generated in XML.First check whether you are getting the repeating sections in xml in correct sequence(English Section1, English Section2, Russian Section1, Russian Section2).
Can you please share your template and xml?


Dana BY

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Thank you gurpreet. I've resolved it.
I am an idiot.
I was so obsessed with my different language sections, I didn't even think about their parent section. I replaced two repeating groups "for each section 1, for each section 2" with one "for each Parent Section" and I got what I needed. :mad: I wasted so many times with trying to group these child sections, I can't believe I am so stupid!