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Hi List,
I want to limit the quantity ordered for a specific item to 100 or its multiples as the supplier ships this item only in boxes of 100. How can I do this? I want the user to be prompted with an error is he enters any invalid quantity for e.g. 125, or 50.

XE 14.2/NT 4.0/Oracle 8.1.5

look at the "Multiple Order Quantity" field (alias MULT) on the Item Branch/Plant (P41026) Quantities (W41026C) form. This should solve your issue.

Larry Jones
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HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
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Does the "Multiple Order Quantity" (MULT) field effect the shipping quantity in Ship Confirm? Example: If I have item with MULT set to "2" and an order with an item quantity of "4". Will Ship Confirm allow the user to only ship "1"?

How does MULT effect BOM quantity or parts list quantity on a work order?

Walt Sellers
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Basically the "multiple order quantity" is setting the rules make system to follow how the orders quantity (can be either PO or WO) are generated.
Basically the system is advising the messages on supply side to fulfill the needs on demand side. By setting the "quantity" (from the exit bar of P41026) rules, we can make the system to generate the supply quantity we want.
Thanks for your inputs. But this does not prevent a user from raising a PO for a quantity other than what is entered in the 'Multiple Order Quantity' field. Looks like this works when the system generates a PO automatically when the inventory goes below a certain quantity.

Is there any way to specify that an item XYZ comes in a case of 100 only (without changing the Primary UOM for the item). I still want to keep the UOM as EACH but somehow ensure that a PO is raised only in multiples of 100 for this item.

thanks again
what you're asking for would be a custom code change.

Larry Jones
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OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
SandBox: OneWorld XE SP15
You can use UOM3 Purchasing Unit of Measure for your items, and set it to CA
case, or whatever. And keep UOM1, primary UOM, at EA. Then set up the
conversion factor for each item so 1 case translates to 100 each at

Dave Mallory Denver Water
Hmmm. Could you possibly give me some suggestions please. As to how and what can I customize for the PO to check the item details for the min order quatity (or multiples) before it commits the quantities to the PO line details.

I was led to beleive that feature is available through some configuration in the Item master.

thanks a ton.
XE 14.1/Intel NT/ Oracle 8.1.5

If you are using P4310 to do the orders, there is a processing option (tab
Defaults, item 8, Transaction unit of measure) which you can set to blank,
which means the unit of measure attached to the order quantity field is set
to Purchasing unit of measure, instead of primary (stocking) unit of
measure. Then in item master, set up a purchasing unit of measure for each
item, such as CA case. Then, for item X, which the supplier ships in cases
of 100 each, set up a unit of measure conversion of 1 case = 100 each. Go to
P41026B item branch master, UOM exit to do this. So, the ordering person
orders in cases, and when the goods are received, 1 case is converted to 100
each for stocking in inventory via P4312. Check some of these transactions
as they are received and see if the conversion is working correctly.

Watch out for this one: If you change suppliers for item X, and the new
supplier ships in cases of 80 each, someone (the ordering person) needs to
check the UOM conversion for this item and change the conversion factor to 1
case = 80 each. Thus, whenever the buyer orders something with a UOM other
than "each" or another obvious stocking UOM, thus there may be a conversion
factor, the buyer needs to check for a conversion and the factor therein.

We do this with tons to pounds, cases to each, etcetera. (Have not used acre
feet to gallons, though.)

There is a downside: If the buyer puts in 75 or 100, thinking "each", he
will get 75 or 100 cases. Oops. If you have work flow set up or some other
oversight, and somebody checks the large POs, this may get caught. We have
all POs over $5000 routed to the purchasing manager for a look-see.

Dave Mallory Denver Water 7332 SP15.1 Oracle 81634 NT 4.0