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Hi im on B7.3.3.2 using SP11.3 on NT 4.0

Can someone explain the relationship between:

Requested Date
Scheduled Pick
Promised Delivery
Promised Ship Date
Cancel Date

I want to keep Requested and Scheduled Pick Date inline
and the dates calculate fine but I just want to know is,
Which date affects which date and is there anythings else
they affect by slightly changing their behaviour (keeping
requested and Scheduled in line).




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Are you using Advanced transportation? if you as as
shipments get routed TMS will update dates (Promised
ship, and Delivery date for example). There is a good
white paper, it does not have a OTT number put the
full name of it is Promished Shipment and Delivery
Date Calculations.doc

The cancel date is just informational for the sales
system, in transportation it will keep you from
shipping if the todays today is equal to or less then
the cancel date.

I would read the white paper it gives examples showing
date fields, if you cant get it from JDE let me know I
will send it to you direct.


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