Order Approvals take too long...



We're B7331, SP11.1, SQL7 and seem to have a slow system.

Our Enterprise is:

Compaq Proliant 5500R
Dual PII 400 Xeon
2.3 Gb RAM
5.8 Gb Page file
RAID 1 on Smart Array 3200 for System drive
Fiber Array Controller running 3 RAID 5 Arrays
All disks are UltraWide SCSI 3
10/100Mb NIC
100 Mb switches & hubs

We have about 30 users, probably only 15 on the system at any one time. The
clients are generally Compaq 450 mhz with 128meg RAM, and 400 meg paging.

In JDE we're finding that approving orders takes anywhere from 30 seconds to
a minute. The log-in takes about 10-15 seconds. This was not happening
during setup and testing (and is far in excess of what the sales people told
us about JDE system performance! )

We have been using NT performance monitoring but can't find anything too

Monitored: Average:
%processor time for both processors under 5%
Pages/sec Under 1
Page Faults/sec 60

Has anyone got any tips, or tests for determining how fast the system should
be running?


Dr William L. Miller
IT Director
[email protected]
(020) 7645 9549

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Make sure your client ODBC connections are using TCP/IP and not Named Pipes.
This made a difference here.

DeRay Scholz
The Upper Deck Company
B7332, SP11.1, SQL 7 SP2