Orchestrator Studio all components are greyed out


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See the following docs:
E1: SEC: Setting up View, Manage, and Action Security for the User Defined Objects (UDO) available with 9.2 and newer (Doc ID 2072336.1)
E1: ORCH: Access Denied To The Notifications Option And "New Schedule" Option Grayed Out In Orchestrator Studio (Doc ID 2351545.1)
Also - make sure You have the right UDCs -
E1: OMWWEB: Required User Define Code (UDC) Tables Related to User Defined Objects (UDOs) Issues after Tools Release Upgrade to 9.2.x.x (Doc ID 2277194.1
E1: ORCH: When any of the features (Orchestrations, Service Requests, White Lists, Rules or Cross References) is disabled under feature security, all the features shows as "Access denied"/Grayed out under Orchestrator Studio. (Doc ID 2553719.1)
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