Orchestrator Studio all components are greyed out


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Hi List,

I setup Orchestrator Studio 7.0 on Tools When we login to Orchestrator Studio all components are greyed out and shows as access denied. We have done the following security setup

1: Setup a user id in Server manager AIS under allowed user through which I can login into the Orchestrator Studio
2: Enabled Feature security for ORCH, Rule, Service Request, Schedule
3: Setup View security for ORCH for *PUBLIC, * All
4: Setup Action security for ORCH *PUBLIC, * All
5: Restarted the AIS server and cleared JAS JDBC cache

The UDO Features such as Form Personalization, Form Extn which can be viewed from within JDE itself are visible and working fine. It looks like an issue when I login via Orchestrator Studio. Has anyone faced similar issue or has any clue what the issue could be



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Joel, there's other components to setup UDO security for (SREQ, XREF, WLIST, RULE etc) along with ORCH. Did you get those setup?