E9.2 Orchestrator - Checks and Balances


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Dear Community,

With the JDE Orchestrator getting used and discussed more and more with ever increasing usage I wanted to ask are there any checks and balances which need to built around the orchestrations being built. My take is that with the other UDO's we can still control them through some threshold limits within JDE but with Orchestrator the control may not be enforced from within JDE completely. For ex, I can have someone write a bad groovy script / javascript and potentially impacting the overall system. How are other customers dealing with such situations. Do you have some special tight controls around what is being developed in Orchestrator or and standard processes being followed? Or are is it same as the standard SDLC process for other JDE objects.



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How is it different than any other JDE code? With .C business functions you can do about anything. Even with NER code you can call the B34A1030 and run OS level scripts from within JDE. My take is that Orchestrator has the same risk profile and same controls requirements as any other JDE development.


We follow the same SDLC process and it works smooth for us. You can have strict code review process to understand the need and any surprise which comes later on.