Orchestrator as an integration point


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We have three major systems here, JDE, TMS (Transportation), and WMS (Warehouse). TMS and WMS are not JDE so there is a triangle of interfaces that occur all day long. We currently integrate with JDE using BSSV servers for TMS traffic. For WMS, we integrate into JDE using RFSmart as a gateway for warehouse/inventory updates.

Given the fact that Orchestrator gets more and more robust every day, has anyone with "always-on" system integrations with JDE considered using Orchestrator REST API's as an integration tool? I am considering it, but I have concerns regarding volume and AIS resource requirements. Any thoughts on this?


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If you want to see performance like user is doing transaction via JDE application, then ORCH is good option. But if you would like to process heavy volume of transaction then BSSV is good.

Chan Rana

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We have some what similar setup with some more System in the mix. We do RTE & BSSV currently between systems for most of the major interfaces. We haven't had any issues with BSSV so far in terms of load and connectivity and works flawlessly. We use Webmethods as middleware. I haven't evaluated Orchestartor and plan to do it this year. One issue in BSSV is as the wrapper functions are designed later on for BSSV some of the system behavior would be different when done thru BSSV vs Screens, we found many bugs initially, some Oracle fixed it and rest we had fix on our own.

Hope this helps.