E9.2 Orchestration stops adding records


Hi All - We are using JDE E1 apps 9.2 , Tools
1.I have created a form request using process recorder to add recurring billings lines. This is the only component in the Orchestration ( ORch B).
2.I have a UBE where it first calls an Orchestration ( Orch A) which only updates records. The B98ORCH calls Orch A in synchronous mode by passing 1 in the parameter cWaitForResponse_ER066.
3.Once Orch A completes, then Orch B is called through B98ORCH in synchronous mode. This orchestration is the one mentioned above in 1.
Both the above calls are made from the Do section of the report .
What we are noticing is , that the first couple of times when the batch application runs , Orch A and Orch B successfully executes and adds records for the first 8-10 executions.
After 8-10 calls of both Orchestrations , Orch A works without issues each time , but Orch B completes successfully but stops adding records after 8-10 executions.
Once this happens , we restatart HTML and AIS services and both Orch A and Orch B execute fine.
After 8-10 executions , we again start seeing issues with Orch B execution.
When Orch B stops executing , even though we go to Orchestrator studio and exeucte the Orchestration , it completes successfully , but does not add records. Please note that records are unique for each addition .

Any ideas on what can be done to resolve this issue ? Thanks for your time and help.
Do you see any exceptions in the ORCH monitor after the 8-10 calls that you mentioned ?
Hi sameernagar,

First, I wouldn't take advice from me regarding Orchestrations, but your description was similar enough to an issue I had many years ago that I thought I would at least give you something to try.

I had a report that stopped working after awhile because the memory or cache was all filled up and wasn't getting freed. An alternative that cleared memory regularly was to have UBE A run the DO logic and call UBE B which performed the high memory stuff (by passing in the parameters). When UBE B finished, the memory was released and UBE A could call it again. So, maybe you could call the Orchs in the second UBE, or just Orch B in the second UBE? I know it is grasping at straws, but might be worth a try if you run out of ideas. Yes, this results in a LOT of small jobs being run.

Ben again,