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We are planning our upgrade from B7331 to XE and are wondering if anyone is
using Oracle 8.1.7 on Windows NT Terminal Servers. Yes, I know according to
JDE they only support it on Windows 2000 but at this time we do not have
funds to upgrade the terminal servers.


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Now I have been round the loop here with JDE and the latest I have is that
Oracle 8.1.7 IS supported on Windows NT. However they will not promise to
fix any performance issues this may give (apparently according to JDE Oracle
8.1.7 is 'tuned' for windows 2000 and will not give the same performance on
NT, I do not know how performance is compared to 8.0.6 on NT, it may be the

Yet another example of JDE's ability to keep the Customer informed and
satisfied. On my last view of the Knowledge Garden there was one Technical
Flash re Oracle 8.1.7 which only listed Windows 2000 (no specific mention of
NT at all) and the Minimum Technical Sec for Xe - which states that for
Oracle 8.1.7 you need patch, implying that Oracle 8.1.7 Is

It took me a number of calls to the help desk to get the following:

information I sent to you this morning looks to be >no longer valid. That
information was what I received about 2 months ago when researching this
issue with development. It >is now listed in the minimum technical
requirements for Windows NT 4.0, so it will be supported. I totally
understand your >client's concern with the email and information I passed on
to you this morning. It appears that they will not have to
8.1.7 with OneWorld XE SP14.2. I still don't think
Windows NT 4.0 running Oracle 8.1.7, since Oracle
really be an Oracle issue if they experience DB
last couple of months to support it. They do need >to keep in mind that
before to long, Microsoft will drop support of Windows NT 4.0, and at that
time so will we. You would >have to contact Microsoft to get a time frame
for that. Again, keep in mind that Oracle 8.1.7 was designed on the Windows

that platform."

I think that is as clear as Mud - but does at least say they will support
Oracle 8.1.7 on NT!!!! Note the apology for the Confusion - I am sure I am
not alone in this.

By the way as this is only a response from the GSS, it is as valid as you
like to make it! It would be nice to see a proper formal announcement from
JDE that we can hold up when everything goes wrong, after all OneWorld is a
complex product (i.e. bag of bugs) and in expected things are the norm! See
all the traffic on this group, where would it be if OneWorld actually worked
all the time (and where would our jobs be!!!).

So keep hammering your JDE contacts to get this formally announced.

I think that is my rant for the week over - others have successfully covered
the ESU ground!!

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