Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF)


Dear Team,

I am JDE E1 developer, I want to start work on Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF) but don't have knowedge ..Can any one help me..requied software to work moblie applciation in JDE demo on my local machine.

Thanks in Advance.

I suggest this document to get started:

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Developing and Customizing Mobile Enterprise Applications Guide

Pay special attention to the restricted runtime license comment ( This is something that is not always clear to your customer or company. Which is logical. We of course can develop any custom JDE applications we want with the JDE development tools. Our natural assumption would be, Oracle has now given us a mobile development platform for JDE, I'll be able to develop custom applications without restriction as well. You can modify existing mobile apps (shipped via the MAA files) but to create your own from scratch and actually use it for production (not just training yourself in development) you need to license the Oracle ADF Mobile runtime which is licensed on a per user or per server CPU basis. It isn't super expensive but it isn't free.

As for testing this against standalone "demo jr." I don't think you will have much luck. You have a local webserver but you do not have a local AIS server which the mobile apps use to link to. There is a discussion thread on the Oracle support site and the the Oracle support answer is no, the AIS is not intended to run on standalone. From a technical perspective I don't know of any way to deploy it into standalone.