Oracle Exp and Imp


Hi list,

I am having problem when refreshing an environment through oracle.
For some reasons the Indexes are not ceated and populated properly. here are my scripts:

export script

./exp system/xxxx consistent=Y owner=TS7333 log=/log.log file='file.exp'

import script

./imp system/xxxx file='file.exp' fromuser=TS7333 touser=DV7333 log='imp.log' indexes=Y

The import log is complaining about indexes/extents probaly due to a missing parameter in my script (I suspect this could be caused by 'Compression')
Also, druing the import, there is a phase where the indexes are trying to be created in the 'Source Owner" space !!!!

FYI. My destination (DV73333) tables are all droppped before the import. Tables in source destination exist.

I would really appreciate if you could send me an import and export script templates for resfreshing my central objects.

tx in advance for any help