Oracle connections


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.Hi List,

I have a question for Oracle DBAs on large installations.

I have client with about 300 concurrent users, all through a JA-Server. The
number of connections to the database is over 800 at times. We observed
that the application server itself has over 300 connections open to the
database, about 10-11 for each kernel process.
Can anyone confirm the above numbers? Are they reasonable? We are a little
surprised by the large number of connections. Throughout the day the number
of connections seem to increase, but never decrease. Why would that be?

Thanks, Gerd
Xe, SP16.1, AIX (6-way) DB-server, AIX (6-way) App-Server, 2 AIX (6-way)


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I have the same question.
My database server have two Xeon 1.4Mhz, RAM 2 GB and Oracle 9i.
The max number of users connected is aprox. 70, after nobody can log in the OW.
I have windows and web clients (Websphere).
OW Xe - SP 22 C1 Update 7
Thanks for any help.


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We have about 450 - 500 concurrent users on our system with our max number of processes at a little over 1000. This is pretty typical.

As users log off of the system, you should see that number drop. If not, cycling jde services would drop the number as well.