Oracle announced Premier support of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne apps 9.2 through 2030


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In case you haven't seen yet, you may want to check out Oracle Doc. ID 2251064.1, which details Oracle's announcement last week to provide Premier support of E1 version 9.2 through at least December 2030.


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wow. Through to retirement.

Theres some confusion though. In the actual document :
9.2 Oct 2015 Oct 2025 Oct 2028 Indefinite
Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Continuous Innovation Release

9.2 2 Nov 2017 Dec 2030 Not Applicable Indefinite

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne follows a Continuous Innovation model, where new functionality is delivered as updates to the existing release; upgrades are not required to gain access to newfeatures and capabilities.

Is therefore "9.2 Continuous Innovation Release" a different product to "JDE 9.2" ?
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If I am deciphering it correctly, then 9.2 update 0 premier support ends in 2028. However, if you stay current on the application updates (currently at update 2) premier will continue through at least 2030.