Options for emailing a report to a user


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We are on E1 9.0, tools

We have a request where the users are requesting that a new report UBE be emailed to an end user. I suppose we could use the embedded BI Publisher for that. We email ACH remittances in A/P, so I assume we could do the same with a simple report.

Would appreciate any input on this option, or any other options available not using BIP where a UBE pdf output could be emailed to a specific email address.


What system are you running? iSeries, Windows, Linux...

We have a simple (but commercial) solution for this - AUTOPRINT, if you are interested. Which is all native JDE code and can be extended to accommodate any custom requirements.
I found a way to do this using the Report Level Event Rules, End Report section. This may or may not be available for your TR release. You'll need to create a custom bsfn to get the UBE job number (there are multiple sources on the web on how to create this function) to help create the URL for the PDF or csv file you want to send. Then use bsfn B0500725 Email Merge Letter to send the file.
I am actually in the process of implementing this for our customer statements and sales invoices. The customer statements work very well so far.

The only problem I am having is trying to get the invoice UBE (R42565) to format properly so that the XML fiel being generated makes enough sense (format-wise) so that it is somewhat compatible with the RTF document. Having a little bit of an issue with the repeating sections as the R42565 does not do a 'normal' process and has a buld section and then uses a bunch of custom sections so the resulting XML file from the standard UBE looks like a mess.

I like using the embedded BI Publisher method as it seems to work relatively well and gives us an integrated solution with JDE.
It also allows for some some nice formatting (reports that actually look like they are not from the 1970s!).