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We have some work to be done in Optio for printing barcode labels. We are currently on XE and have Option configured since a decade. Could anyone please help with any kind of documentation explaining Optio and how barcode printing could be achieved in Optio ? I am new to it and would appreciate some help in any form.

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Which version of Optio are you on? Is it DCL (code written by hand) or GUI version? I'm not promising anything as I don't want to get your hopes up.


Optio Version 7.8.30 the DCL one. I have heard Option version 9.0 is the latest one. Are there significant differences in both the versions ? If we have to upgrade to Optio 9.0, would we be able to use the existing DCL files or would we have to do it all over again ?


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My friend said:

There are slight format changes in the number ranges. This is time consuming. Changes from colon to arrow ranges. If you have text output files they are in a slightly different format. For example, if sorting, check the output, as there may be issues. Best to avoid sorting in DCL as the off page data captures are not as accurate. Some spaces may appear in text data.

I don't know anything more other than what my friend said above.
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Optio has been replaced by Transform (by Bottomline), we can't help with Optio, but we are Transform Experts and we can help your company in the upgrade from Optio to Transform

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