Opening Table of different ENV fails on Web


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I have a requirement where i need to copy data from staging environment to other environment bases on selection. This works fine on FAT client and fails on web with some weird errors. I used API JDB_OpenTableOvr to open the file of destination environemnt.

Log has following errors

WRK:Starting jdeCallObject TAMInitX (/QA900/specfile/UBEOverride/22640/gbrlink.xdb): Error opening index file "/QA900/specfile/UBEOverride/22640/gbrlink.xdb" : Std C errno=3025 : No such path or directory.
Jul 24 07:51:37.580464 SpecOpen.c1288 - 1966/9 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject openRemoteTAM() - Failed to open the TAM file /QA900/specfile/UBEOverride/22640/gbrlink.ddb using the API TAMInitY. TAM flag word = 0.

9 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Exiting JDB_FreeEnv with Success (EnvHandle SPP:0000 :0000 :0:53:13)
Jul 24 07:51:37.644752 jdb_rq1.c1872 - 1966/9 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject JDB3100007 - Failed to get valid table specifications
Jul 24 07:51:37.644808 jdb_rq1.c1244 - 1966/9 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Exiting JDB_OpenTableOvr(Table = F4102) with Failure
Jul 24 07:51:37.644848 jdb_ctl.c7113 - 1966/9 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Entering JDB_FreeBhvr (UserHandle SPP:0000 :0000 :0:1:13)
Jul 24 07:51:37.644880 jdb_ctl.c7158 - 1966/9 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Exiting JDB_FreeBhvr with Success(UserHandle SPP:0000 :0000 :0:1:13)

I just wonder if 2 environments on different servers, cant we communicate from one Environment to other? Please note Both environments on different servers.

Any ideas! appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks, Gov


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The error refers to QA900 pathcode, is that what is attached to your "other" environment? If so, the API is expecting that pathcode to exist, which it probably does locally. Can you just use JDB_OpenTable and override the datasource?



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I changed program to use API JDB_TableOpen and got promoted to test on web. When I saw logs on server after submission, i notice that JDE internally calling JDB_TableOpenOvr API for opening table in the destination environment.

Code -

/* Open Table F4102 */
nJDBReturn = JDB_OpenTable ( hUser,
0 ,
(ushort) 0,
(JCHAR *)lpDS->szSourceDataSource_DATP,


Jul 25 07:18:06.228264 jdb_rq1.c1872 - 2418/6 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject JDB3100007 - Failed to get valid table specifications
Jul 25 07:18:06.228320 jdb_rq1.c1244 - 2418/6 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Exiting JDB_OpenTableOvr(Table = F4102) with Failure


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That sounds strange. I don't see any references to the Ovr API when doing an OpenTable with a data source. Did you get the error about not opening the spec file again (like the first time)?

Maybe double check the build/deploy worked.

Just to clarify, when you say you are running on the web, the UBE is running on an enterprise server, just being launched from the web interface.