Opening a new ledger



I'm new to JDE (learning it as part of my new job). I'm being asked open a UG ledger for a specific BU for an older (19/30/09) accounting period, but I'm lost as to which screen to do this. I do have a good partner who is training me, etc... but they are unavailable. I have a feeling this is just a matter of finding the right screen.

I have also been reading through some of the JDE manuals, but have not had luck yet finding this.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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I guess you can go to P0025 Ledger Type Master Setup, add the new ledger type as requested.
Then you can go to Allocation setup (by G0923), from there you can open the P09121, Indexed Computation setup, choose a Rate Factor as 1.00, (will copy everything multiplied by 1), so you can setup to copy transactions or balance, from AA to UG, and you can specify the Period/Fiscal Year you want to select, like, 12 for period and 19 for Fiscal Year. Once you have the setup for computation done, you can run the R093021 to the new ledger type.