*OP Outside Operation --> Trigger routing after WO Completion by PO number not WO num


*OP Outside Operation --> Trigger routing after WO Completion by PO number not WO num

Hello JDE List, we have a big problem in our plant regarding a *OP Process, what is happening is that we are doing a routing for the *OP instead of the parent item, this is creating confusion and issues not passing thru Inspection first and going direct to Stock.

The PDM team made some changes in Supplier Item Relationships/Receit Routes and we start getting the issues , the more interesting thing is that the routing should be done after WO Completion, however they dont do adding -999999 (this trigger routing after WO Completion, however for this specific process they have a customization to update the WO Status to QUALITY - ON HOLD when supplier is -99999, so this goes to another process...)

What I am struggling to undestand is that we need to be able to trigger a routing ONLY after WO Completion, however they do the Routing by PO number (Not WO Number) for the actual Item (Movement Disposition show Parent Item and PO Number), having in mind of course that the PO has the *OP Item (not the parent).

I never seen this in JDE, we removed the routing for the *OP and add -99999 for the parent item and then trigger the routing for the WO, however they keep saying this is not the process, PO Routing trigger after WO Completion for the actual item even that the PO has the *OP.

Any thoughts on this ? is there any logic in Supplier Item Relationship for this "track" ?

Any help is really appreciated.

thanks a lot !

Look forward your comments and feedback.

Thanks !!!


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Hi cfarias,

*OP items are virtual items and should never go into stock....your supplier/item relationship for supplier on the PO ( not -99999999) and *OP item is correct.

When a PO receipt is entered, ensure that the location & lot# are always blank....*OP will to go inspection and when you subsequently move it to stock, P3103 will pop up and issues the *OP to the WO.......that means you will have an OV to pay the vendor and IM to account for issue to the WO.

You can also have a separate supplier/item relationship for the parent part# on the WO with supplier=-99999999 if your business wants.

Also ensure that WO completion is reported only after moving the *OP to stock and the quantity on the PO should exactly match the receipt.