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Only 75% of the spooled PDF is printing


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We have a 237 page PDF that a transform project has processed. when it sends the pdf to the printer only 156 pages print out and then stops. I ran the job manually through the transform project and it created all 237 pages but only spools out 156 which is 4 gig. Has anyone else had this issue? Is this a printer issue with spooling or is it a transform or Adobe issue?

Mark Horton

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Yes I have seen this problem.

Still not sure why this is happening, but here's some important details:

We're seeing the problem with Viewing OSA output
- View OSA output will use 1 of 2 licensed functions on the server:
- Either Active PDF server (Bottomline License) or Adobe Distiller
- Most clients go with Active PDF server from Bottomline

Details of our problem
- View OSA jobs go through Transform and then to a PS printer to produce the PDF output
- THEN it sends the job back to JDE to be viewable via the View OSA function (like View PDF)
- Our jobs are failing in this PS printer, they are not completing.
- Smaller jobs (less than 400 pages) process without errors.

Printing the Job to the Transform 'Inbound' printer eventually hands it off to the
'outbound' printer.
- Its important to note where the job is actually failing.
- Its probably not the 'inbound' printer, these jobs usually go through quickly.
- You may be seeing a very large job (2+ Gig) in the outbound printer.
- This is where it is probably failing.

Dont have a fix for this yet but I'm still looking:
- Graphic logo image file on Transform Branch is not unusually large
- Transform Branch logic is not complex.
- Transform version is 4.3
- I'm not so sure changes to the Win printer or physical printer will correct this but
doesnt hurt to try (increase PS Memory setting in Win Printer & PS Memory setting on
Physical printer)

Contact BT & see what they say.

If I find anything, I'll post it immediately.