Online Inspection Form


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Has anyone implemented something for an inspection that can be filled out online and then saved? We have a need to fill an inspection form out before any commercial vehicle leaves our shop and be able to produce a report of it if requested. I don't think there is a way to do this out of the box, so just curious if anyone has implemented something like this before.




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We've utilised Quality Management for this purpose both for manufacturing and CAM.

In manufacturing we deliver a couple of enhancements that enable quality tests to be carried out on a Work Order without intermediate lot records. The QM module is designed for this and you can then generate compliance certificate etc as required by your customers.

In the CAM space, we have an enhancement, which we support, that integrates QM with CAM so that you can enter test results (eg a checklist) against an asset using a maintenance work order. The enhancement allows standard rules to be defined in response to out of range results, so create a CBM alert, create a follow up work order etc.

We also do mobile applications that utilise this functionality for things like pre-start checklists or general plant maintenance. So it can be done out of the box but not out of Oracle's box :)

Alternatively, there are a number of cloud based forms solutions available at different levels of functionality and cost. They don't integrate with JDE out of the box but you can do some simple data and media objects integration to achieve this if required.