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OneWorld Xe SP24.2.1 and IBM i v7.3 or V7R2


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Has anybody tried to use Xe on and IBM i running v7.2 or v7.3? Could you please direct me to a document from Oracle or IBM that states Xe is not supported on OS higher than IBM V7R1.



David Robertson

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I thought that support for Xe on all platforms ended in 2013 http://www.oracle.com/us/support/library/lifetime-support-applications-069216.pdf.
But, it seems it's on "indefinite" sustaining support, though Oracle certification does not allow searching for anything before 9.1 on my screen.

"Sustaining Support preserves your upgrade rights and rights to access Oracle’s online support tools, pre-existing fixes and assistance from Oracle’s technical support experts."

Which says
Software and Operating System Updates, Security Alerts, Critical Patch Updates and Upgrade Tools/Scripts are "Pre-existing" only.
And specifically,
Sustaining Support does not include
- New updates, fixes, security alerts, data fixes, and critical patch updates
- New tax, legal, and regulatory updates
- New upgrade scripts
- Certification with new third-party products/versions
- Certification with new Oracle products
So, you won't get any "official" support for IBM OS upgrades from Oracle.


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For some perspective, we upgraded to Xe back in 2001 -- 17 years ago! How many companies are running software that old? I'd say it's well past time to move on!