OneWorld with Optio


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We have OneWorld B7322 and are trying to get a OneWorld report to print to
Optio. Unfortunately, all of the documentation points to B733 versions and
higher. I've set up everything as well as I can but am still not getting
the output from OneWorld to go to the Optio out queue.

Are there any B7322 installations out there printing OW reports with Option?
If so, can you help me out here? Documentation, comments on conversion
string parameters, etc!!!

Thanks, in advance for any help!

OW B7322 sp12.2; NT deployment server with SQL 6.5; AS/400 enterprise
server; coexist World with A73 cum 8

B7322 SP12.2; NT; SQL 6.5; coexist on AS/400 with A73 cum 8


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Oh please! Optio is an excellent product as are many of the other solutions out there, or were you referring to OneWorld?

Our experience with Optio support is that they are very well versed in the PDF differences that occur with different releases of OneWorld and have been able to provide the s/w to accomodate those changes.

To Toni: if you have not already done so I urge you to contact Optio support with your issue.

Larry Jones
[email protected]
OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
SandBox: OneWorld XE


RE: RE: OneWorld with Optio

How about Enterprise Resolutions/JetForm? they provide both a native AS400
solution as well as an NT solution for both World and OneWorld?

Chuck Carey