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OneWorld Printing problems


Hi List,

Would like to know anyone can help on how to select the selected pages to
be printed on the line printer. We also encountered the problem on the
reports printed on the line printer which the lines under the sub-header
and total lines were not printed. What you can see is not what you can

OW B7332 sp9; NT deployment server with V4R4M0 AS/400 enterprise
server; coexist World with A73 cum 11

Thanks in advance for the help.



Hi Michelle,

There is a problem when printing standard JDE Reports on the Line Printer. One has to go inside the Report Design Aid for the Base Report Template or the Version and manually change the alignment and position of the fields so that they can be printed correctly on the Line Printer. If you log on the JDE Knowledge Garden you will also find some white papers of how to go around for printing on the Line Printers.

Hope this helps