OneWorld Licensing - Auto Update


Does anyone know of a way to license a workstation in OneWorld without having to do a re-install.

For example:
If a PC is imaged with OneWorld installed, then the image is transferred to another station, OneWorld will not work until the workstation is "installed" into OneWorld licensing. Is there a program that can be kicked in from the workstation that "registers" OneWorld or is there a manual way to add the workstation to the OneWorld license file? We are trying to eliminate having to re-install OneWorld it would be much quicker if one of the above options would work.


Wayne Anderson
Financial Systems Administrator
City of Medicine Hat, AB, Canada


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Check the download section of jdelist for a document I wrote on OneWorld FAT
Client Management. It's all in there.

By the way what are live on? Financials, HR/Payroll? I'm just trying to
track down all the Canuck (Canadian to the rest of you) Municipalities that
are running OneWorld. Last count ONT - 6, AB - 2, BC - 3, MAN - 1.


OneWorld B733.2 SP 16.0_006, Intel/NT/Oracle Citrix, FAT

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