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OneAssist documentation


Hi All,

i will test BSFN with oneassist and i don't now how i do it.Do you have documentation over this?
I hope anywhere can help me.



Vish Nath

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Hi Maik,

OneAssist is a tool from Everest Software and you can contact my bro Dan Bohner or Alex Pastuhov regarding this.

There is a seperate forum on JDELIST for Everest Software where you can post your query for quick answer on this.


Hi Vish,
thanks for your fast answer, but i did an email to Alexander.
He is in Vacation and will give me after an answer.




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You can holler at me with your questions - I'll try to help where I can.

From what I've tried - NERs do not come up with OneAssist - I believe they
are stored 'differently' from other ER. B-functions will open in OneAssist
- NERs will not...

Alex should be back 'soon' - he's got a lot on his plate once vacation is
over!... I have this as one issue I want to discuss with him when he

Daniel Bohner



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Thanks all who posted! I'm back and I'll try to clear any confusion:

- OA should definitely be able to display NER code, the trick is to double-click the "Function" entries in the "Search Results" pane, not the "BSFN" ones, because it would display the .C and .H files for the BSFN instead of the ER code. The ER code is stored by function within the BSFN (i.e.: one BSFN can have multiple Functions in it).

- Once you have the right function opened in the left pane, right-click on the function name (in the first line) and select "Test Business Function" pop-up menu item, which would generate a new page of BSFN testing code in E1S format - fill in the values you wish to pass in and click on the "!" button to execute the script. This will run the BSFN and then print all parameter values in the output pane.

On the other hand, we also have a dedicated BSFN testing tool - "Pok-Ta-Pok", which may be a more convenient way to do this, except that it would not have all the extras of OneAssist...