One World on TSE - hanging sessions


Hello List,

I had posted this some time ago, got some responses but not much luck.
Just wondering if anyone might have any further insight into this
specific problem:

We are running OW B732.1, SP 12.3 on AS/400 with TSE 4.0, SP6 with
Citrix SP2.

I have occasional cases of users getting to the One World "Splash
screen", and then the session hangs indefinitely at this point and needs
to be logged off. This seems to happen only to 56K dialled in users
connecting via private VPN. Sometimes happens 4 or 5 times in a row,
then the fifth time they connect properly, sometimes to the same
terminal server.

Any thoughts?


Dave Van Vugt
Network Support Analyst
Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd., Toronto
[email protected]


Like the 'brother' can try turning off the splash screen.
I've seen issues with that splash screen on B732.x running on win 95/98.

You can turn it off by adding /nologo to the target field in the properties of the OneWorld shortcut icon.