One world on the AS/400 - DASD Issue


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Amyone have any problems with DASD Getting out of wack.

something is a little funny. The DASD levels keep going up and we have to bring the
subsystems down and delete the packages. No time to check the libraries for space.

I checked the INI File on the AS/400, it NOT turned on.

We seems to have the right number of jobs and the kernel jobs look good too..

Any idea's. I'm wondering if the SQL Packages are creating problems for me. I'm going
to monitor this next. I need some more visibility...

Let me know




Have you recently run Cross-Reference Reports? Check the F980021,F9203,F9860
tables. They got up to 5GB on our system recently.

Shane McConnell
OW Xe SP14.2

David Robertson

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Or check the F0911 table. If the accounts people have recently turned on detailed posting in one of the modules, it could be growing faster than it's normal hyper-fast speed.