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Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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Has anyone run into the problem where they are missing a font from the font selection criteria in RDA or FDA? What has happened is that I somehow changed/removed the font "Arial" and now it is unavailable in One World and I have no way to get it back. I have all my other fonts available but this one is missing.

I called JDE support and they have no answer so far and I have re-installed OW but this has not helped either. I have no problem using the font in any of my other workstation applications (MS Word, Outlook, etc.) but it is missing in OW. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Mike MacKinnon
- One World B733, SP 11.3
- One World Xe B7333, SP 13 Windows NT
Hello Mike.

I've noticed the same problem when running the RDA on Xe/NT 2000. I haven't
had any chance to analyse it further, but I'm pretty certain that the
problem is with the new OpenType fonts shipped with NT.

I got around the problem by copying existing report variables thus
retaining all the font properties.

/Johan Rehn
One World Xe B7333 SP 14/Windows NT2000