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One World B9 release


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Is there any specs/overviews of this upcoming release. What benefits, etc.
this release would reportedly provide? Required changes? Reported minimum
platform reqs?

Anyone on the alpha/beta and any feedback on it?


Mike Dupaix

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At this time the B9 release is not due out until 2003.
The database is being completely rewritten to
Unicode. There will also be several new enhancement
SAR's included in the package including manufacturing,
distribution and security requests. It will include a
date time stamp on records to manage international
operations. For more specifics, you can contact
Harold Sunata at JDE.
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World, OW B733X and Xe


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From what I understand, the main thing from a technical standpoint is
that all intrnal processing will be in Unicode. Databases will also be
allowed to be in Unicode. This is a good thing for large multilanguage
installls. Othern than that, I'm not sure what else there is!