One View Reporting



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Hi List,

I am on 9.0 using TR, we wish to start using One View Reporting if possible.

Our CNC team are saying they need access to our BI server, which I think we don't have as we only use the embedded version of BI....?

Do you need the enterprise edition of BI in order to run One View Reporting. Or....can OVR run using just the embedded version of BI

If it can run on the embedded version, what steps do I need in order to get it up and running.


Hi John

You need the enterprise version of BI Publisher installed on a server, and OneView is then linked to that BI Publisher server through a number of configurations in JDE. Don't forget to license Oneview if you are going to use it, it is not "free", and you don't want to get on the wrong side of Oracle Auditing. Your CNC team should be able to get OneView up and running - the documentation is pretty straightforward.
Right ok, thanks

So we 100% need the enterprise version. Thanks mate