One Payment ID picked Vouchers of different payee


We have a situation, where in F0413 we have one payment ID with one payee, whereas in F0414 it picked the voucher of other payee too.

In F0413 there is single line with one payee and when checked in F0414 with the payment ID we are getting the vocchers of different payee along with the correct payee.

Not sure what is happening here, we also checked there is no payee control for the address numbers.

Anyone did face the same issue and how to rectify this.

Any help wooule be highly appreciated.


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Does the F0411 Voucher Record corresponding to the F0414 record in question have the payee number from the F0413 record in the Alternate Payee field (RPPYE)?

At Voucher Entry in the fold of the Payment Schedule Items there is an Alternate Payee field that typically comes from the Supplier as the Factor/Special Payee. But on occasion I have had a A/P Clerk get another Supplier's number in the field, possibly from starting with one Supplier but then changing Suppliers and since the field is not empty is not updated. An off handed validation of this would be to check the Supplier for the Voucher numbers both before and after the Voucher that was paid to the wrong payee as the Voucher numbers are assigned in sequence used (No guarentee but a possible understanding what happened).


Yes i checked alternate payee at very first time and it is not updated incorrectly. I believe it is some kind of issue with system or timing issue when two different people doing payment at same time. :(